Oct 03


Yes…every thing you see around you started with a dream in somebody’s HEART.

Dreams are meant to be transmitted to reality so that human beings will start to enjoy the benefits.

I regret to let you know that 80% of people’s dreams were not brought to reality. They usually take it with them down to the grave.

You see, I have since discovered that one of the biggest reasons why most people do not achieve the success they desire in life is that they would not ‘’get up’’ to plan how to achieve their dreams and take action towards achieving those dreams.

Until you move nothing moves. Your dream will always be like a mirage all the days of your life if you don’t move to achieving them.

Have you noticed that a lot of successful people out there in different spheres of life are not better than the poor talented people around them?

The difference is that ‘’successful people’’ laid out a plan and took action on those dreams while others are waiting for the ‘’right’’ time.

Do you know that there‘re lots of people that can sing better than Tuface Idibia , Rick Ross, Psquare and 9ice put together?

Do you know that there are lots of people that can do better than Bill Gate of Microsoft if only they act on their dreams?

Do you know there are a lot of people that can do better than Mark Zurkerberg of facebook.com and the duo of twitter.com put together? Facebook.com has grossed over 10 billion dollars revenue this year alone. The trouble is that most people will not get up to achieve their dreams in life.

If your dream is to become a multibillionaire, then you must do what other successful billionaires did!

You must have a dream like them, plan on how to achieve it, take action and then join them at the top.

As for me, I have many dreams to achieve in this life and I thank God for wiring inside me all the resources I need to bring those dreams to reality. All I need is to draw out a master plan and take action.

One of my dreams is to take this blog to the next level in a few months. I want to make this website number one place for anybody that wants personal development. Follow me on this site and you‘ll see it happen in no distant time.

                         If you can dream it… you can achieve it

What are you waiting for, to bring that your dream to reality? The world is waiting for you to bring that dream to reality, please don’t disappoint her. Don’t take it with you to the grave when you die.

Have you ever imagined if THOMAS EDISON did not brought his dream to reality by inventing light bulb to the world, we would have still been living in darkness by now. The history has it that he tried 9999 times and failed.

The question is how many times have you tried and failed. Possibility is there, that you have not even tried at all.

Dear reader, if I begin to mention strong men and women of old and of present, that not only dream big dreams but brought it to reality, we would read till God comes. This piece is not about them because what they achieved is there for everybody to see. It is all about you.  Make our world a better place by transforming your dreams to reality so that the generations unborn would always thank God for making somebody like you to exist in this world.

As you step out to act on your DREAMS, ensure your DREAMS are:

1. D= Desperate

2. R= Realizable

3. E= Energetic

4. A= Achievable

5. M= Measurable

And I will meet you at the top!