Aug 14


The question above is what every reasonable human being should be asking his/her self day in day out. I am sure that after reading this piece you will agree with me that it is better to be an asset. Before I go on, let me define as asset and a liability in my own.

They said that an asset is a thing that brings in money while a liability is a thing takes away money. In other words an asset is something that appreciates while a liability is something that depreciates. To define it my own way, an asset is a person that adds value to the people’s life or society, a person that is a solution to a problem.

A liability is a person that depends on others and society, a person that is a problem to the country. In comparing the two characters, I will now say that an asset is a problem solver while a liability is a person that brings problem, an asset is a person that adds value while a liability is person that adds no value at all. An asset is a person that makes things happen while a liability watch things happens, assets are the players in the field while liabilities are the spectators.


If you a student of Bible (which you supposed to be, if you want to make heaven) you will agree with me that David became an asset to his family and country (Israel) when he confronted a giant that is a problem to his country and defeated him. Assets are people like that. They are pillars of their country and great people that contribute to the growth of their country.


I am really worried about the percentage of people that are liabilities(Lazy people) in this country. We even have literate liabilities. People that went to school, obtained certificates in different disciplines in the universities, passed out from service (NYSC), stay in their houses with an excuse of looking for job for 4-5years.

These people are literate liabilities. For God’s sake what will a graduate be doing at home for four good years after graduation all in the name of NO JOB?  While there are millions of problems waiting to be solved and when it is solved, it brings loads of cash to the solver.

Mark zukerberg(owner of solved a problem of social network (interaction) and became the youngest billionaire in the world. It did not even occur to these people (liabilities) that the beds they are lying on were somebody like them that invented it, the TV they are watching were a person like them that invented it. Everything in that house, they are living in, were people that thought it out and invented it and everybody is enjoying it. I am using Microsoft word writing this article and without somebody like Bill gate, it may not be possible. All the world billionaires are problem solvers (assets). And that’s what made them what they are.

Everyday, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.


I believe that each person is a solution to a particular problem and anybody that can pay the price of greatness can achieve it. I always ask God and myself, the purpose of my existence. I am not an accident, if you are a student of Bible, you will know that God don’t joke with his time and to everything he created, there must be a purpose for it. I believe that God took his precious time and created me for a purpose. My job is to find out that purpose (destiny) and fulfill it.

Dear reader, have you asked yourself this question….are you an asset or liability? you are the one that will answer yourself not me. I asked myself that question long ago, when I am still an undergraduate and that is the reason behind what I do today. If you are already an asset, move forward, solve more problems and our God will help you. If you are still a liability, you have many things to do.

  •  Decide that you are not going to be a liability again.
  •  Involve GOD to help you discover your destiny.
  •  Look for a mentor that will guide you.


And I will see you at the top.