Dec 06

Forget Job Vacancy…. Start Your Own Business Now!

Ah John what are you saying? I just finished my service (NYSC) and I am really flat broke and you are telling me to forget about looking for a job? That’s the lamentation of one of my friends last February after he passed out.


Yes I have to start on that note to help you understand this piece very well. I always advice anybody that cares to listen that it is better to suffer building your own business than working in an organization that pays you very well. It always pays at last.


Though you are paid heavily in your place of work but how long will you be helping another person build his business? And at the end of the day, you are sacked or retired with peanuts while the owner of the company enjoys with his family what you labored for.


Immediately after my Nysc, I hurriedly went to see my good friend that is in a good position in a bank, to ask him to help me get a job. He did not allow me to finish what I am saying before he opened up to me…. “I HATE THIS JOB JOHN; I have been in this banking job for 19 good years with nothing to show for it.


All my school mates that embraced entrepreneurship when we graduated from university are billionaires now why? Because they have succeeded in building their own businesses while I am here wasting my time’’


That’s the confession of my good friend in the banking industry in Nigeria where many young graduates dream of getting job someday. I admire that job before I met this good friend for advice and getting a job for me. Am I still looking for job now?


Not at all…. What I am looking for now is bigger contracts and speaking engagements to grow my businesses. My friend said he will be setting up his company this year, according to him, it is better to start late than never. Please I am not saying that getting a job is bad… NO! But starting your own business as soon as possible is much better.


After that advice from my banker friend, I went back to my ‘’future drawing board’’ to draw how I want my future to look like… do you want to see some of the things I have drawn about my future? Read some of them

“John Greatman Oyedu HAVE….


Ah John, are you sure you will achieve all these in your lifetime? Oh yes, I will, even much more because God is with me all the way. If Jesus Christ tarries, I will achieve these in less than 25years from now.


You see, I have a tall dream that’s why I am unemployable. If I work in a company, will I be able to achieve all these I listed?


No way, what I will receive after serving 30years in a company is a peanut or disgusting gratuity and I will be receiving a peanut pension till I die in poverty.


That is not what I want in life… I want to be the head (the Chairman) and not the tale.

I have been asked by many people that since they did not have capital, how they would start their own businesses.


My answer is that you should start with what you have and one of the things you have is your brain…. THINK!

See how I started. In my 300 level in the university, I found out that there are no jobs in Nigeria and i started by learning a skill.


I looked around and found out that every business in this world needs a website and I quickly went for website designing training.


Since I graduated… I have been designing websites for companies and businesses for fat pay and today… here are my skills

  1. A website designer and developer
  2.  A freelance writer online and offline
  3. A public speaker
  4. Internet marketing consultant and social media manager

I also import goods from china, usa and uk from my bedroom in Lagos without going to these countries.

All these four businesses are skill related. Since I don’t have capital, I need to raise huge capital from those four services I render.

The mini importation capital was raised through my services and my company SUCCESSJET RESOURCES GROUP is growing and very soon, we will start investing in huge projects like setting up radio stations and building our first secondary school.


If you can read in between the lines, you will find out that I have given you the master key of starting your own business successfully. That is how all the big names you hear about in Nigeria started.


When you know what you want out of life, tell God about your plans and beg HIM to approve it… then nobody or witches in your village can stop you because God is involved(the the greatest power in heaven and on earth). You will excel above your equals. Before I end this piece, here are the steps in short format…

  1. Decide to start your own business
  2. Draw your future plan…what you want out of life


  1. Tell God about it and beg HIM to approve it
  2. If you don’t have capital, start with skill related businesses or services
  3. When you raise money. Invest in other bigger projects
  4. As your business is growing, remember to give God his percentage and the society that gave you first.



To your success


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Aug 07

7 Reasons Why I Decided To Start My Own Business

To start your own business in Nigeria as a fresh graduate without any money down is a daunting task. You are to think in and out of the box before you can decide that. For me, it is a well known fact that I am starting my own business immediately after my NYSC.

This does not mean that I have a huge amount of money in my bank account, NO!! It is a dream that I nurtured since when I was a 200level Geology student in Anambra State University Nigeria.

       I studied the labour market then and found out that 20million graduates are loaming the streets of Nigeria unemployed and that about 500 thousand people graduates yearly to join this labour market.


There and then I decided I should start doing something fast to avoid joining this army of unemployed youths when I graduate.

I began to pray to my God to direct me to my own destiny (to find out problems he created me to solve in my generation).I started shifting my mind from looking for job after my graduation to creating jobs in order to help my country Nigeria reduce unemployment rate…..

Skills make you rich, not theories.”

        I also started learning different skills that will help me to solve problems and to affect the lives of people in my generation. To God be the glory, I am a certified website designer/developer, internet marketing consultant and a public speaker.


During my research, I found out at least 7 different reasons why I should not even write my CV or attend a job interview: here are the reasons

 1.    Create jobs: Unemployment is now a disease disturbing our country today and I am really concerned.

I have nothing against education. But at times, education gives people false      confidence. It makes people relax, trusting in the power of their certificates rather than in working hard.” – Rasaq Okoya


       I want to really help my country to reduce it by setting up many companies in order to employ a large number of these armies of unemployed youths in Nigeria.


I also found out 80% of industries and multimillion dollar companies were set up by school drop outs and illiterates and I want to be one of the few graduates in Nigeria that will toll that line.

     2. I want to affect lives in my lifetime and beyond-to make my mark: yes you read it right. I want to affect lives in my time here on earth….working for somebody else will not allow me time to really develop myself daily in order to make a mark and affect lives by employing many people, helping others people set up their own businesses, telling as many as I can meet  in my lifetime that Jesus is our Lord and master, helping businesses to grow and remain stable.


Getting a job will never allow me to achieve all these and fulfill my destiny and mandate from GOD.


    3. I want to build systems that will outlast me: Many companies you see today started more than 100 years ago and they are still growing, coca-cola company is an example of one of them.

“The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work.” – Rich Dad

       People that started those companies died long time ago but the companies they built were still helping more people, employing more people and meeting the needs of millions of people.  


The systems I want to build by the grace of God will last from generation to generation till Christ come….even when I am long gone, my businesses will continue to solve problems, employing  more people and creating wealth for my generations unborn and my JOHN GREATMAN FOUNDATION.


    4. I need more than one income source: Getting a job will allow me just to have one income source which is not what I want.

“If you want to be rich, simply serve more people.

      Starting my own business will definitely allow me to have multiple streams of income, pursue more goals and also build businesses that will employ millions of people. To succeed and become financially stable, I need at least 5 sources of income and I hope to go beyond that number in years to come. All the wealthy people of the world I know have different sources of income and also built companies that will outlast them.

   5. I want freedom- A job will make me to be working from 9am – 5pm daily, doing the same thing daily, meeting the same people daily, and adding just one value daily, which is definitely not what I bargained for, in my life.

“Too many people are too lazy to think. Instead of learning something new, they think the same thought day in day out.”


     I really want to set my own hours, learn new things daily, face new challenges daily, meet different people from different walks of life, add different values and also make more money.


As an employee is being promoted from one level to another, his/her freedom will be decreasing because he will be doing more tasks, going to different board meetings, attending conferences which will be taking almost all his freedom.

You hardly see this kind of person spend time with his family or even go on holiday with his family. When he retires, everything retires with him. A business owner is exactly the opposite. As his companies grow he enjoys more freedom because he has employed capable hands to run the companies.

He always goes on holidays with his family because the companies can run without him. When he retires, he will now have more time to distribute his wealth to different charity organizations and also donate to different health causes. This is truly the life I want to live…….join me.

    6. I want to control my own destiny: yes, everybody have a destiny in life but not everybody controls his/her own. Starting my own business is really taking my own destiny in my hands and pursuing it until I fulfil it, not having one boss or the other in the office ordering me around.


He dictates when I will come to the office, dictates when I close; some will even want to know what I do with my wife……that is not a life. My destiny is in my hands and not with anybody’s….with God helping me to achieve it.

 If you are moving, even fire will not hurt you. If you are standing still near the fire, even though you are not in the fire, the heat will eventually get to you.” – Rich Dad

     7. I want to become a billionaire: Becoming a billionaire is my life long desire and working for somebody else will never take me there. I don’t want to be in a rat race all my life.

“Good is not enough; you’ve got to be great.” – Simon Cowell

      The Bill gates, the Warren Buffets, the Mark Zurkerbergs, were people that set up companies and became billionaires in the process and that is exactly what I want to do.


Today you hear about BILL GATE AND MELINDA FOUNDATION and very soon, you will be hearing JOHN GREATMAN FOUNDATION… I will definitely give back to the society when I became a billionaire. God is my helper.