Sep 24


Indeed God is so good. You ask me why? He gives everybody on this planet earth the power to choose. He gave everybody equal right and same life. The power of choice is in real play on the lives of individuals present in this world.

Some chose to be poor, some chose to be wealthy, some chose to serve God, some chose to serve the devil (even though God created them), some chose to go to hell, some chose to make heaven (heaven is real), some chose to become a liability to the people and society, and some chose to be an asset (people that make things happen in this world).

Whatever you chose to be, you become—JOHN GREATMAN

In life, everybody have same right and equal privilege and God who can never make a mistake gives everybody the choice of the kind of life he/she want to live.

I know that my life is dependent on two beings, GOD ALMIGHTY and ME. Since God has given us the power to choose, I have chosen to be great in life and impact the society and all the people around the world.

Life is an open cheque given to man by God; you are the one to put any amount you want to take out of life!

I have many friends that allowed their parents to influence everything about them, from the choice of what to study in school, where to work, who to marry, where to live, everything! I begin to wonder, if God who created us gave us the power to chose, why would a human being determine what I will become?

Years ago, I visited my brother in Lagos Nigeria, when I knocked at the gate; an old man came out and opened the gate for me. I wonder why this old man ended up as a gateman. I said, maybe his parents were poor, I thought in my mind but I have seen people that started from nothing and made it to the billionaire status.

I said again, maybe he did not went to school, but I have seen people that had not even gone to school becoming billionaires. At least I know that 70% of the multimillion dollar companies around the world were set up by illiterates and dropouts.

I said again, maybe he is cursed by witches from his village and evil people around him, but I have seen cursed people been freed by the power in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

As I asked myself these questions, my brother noticed it and asked me….little boy (he is my elder brother), what is it? When I told him, we began to do one of the best lessons I have ever done in my entire life.

He said boy…..Don’t end up as my gateman….find out who God really want you to be, your destiny don’t depend on me or anybody else…your destiny largely depends on you…ALMIGHTY GOD would only be there with you when you need help.

He told me that I should try not to spend the approved 70years God has given to everybody in vain. He told me that he cannot help me, his words……”I cannot help you or do you want me to take the place of God in your life?’’….go and help yourself, where you cannot measure up, ask your father in heaven to help you not me!

I thank God that since then till now, I have not asked my brother for any help whatsoever. 90% of what I spent in my school days was raised by God and me, and I don’t intend to ask for help from any human being all my life.

Dear reader, your life’s success is dependent on God and you, and God cannot leave you alone on the road of success. He will guide you through it if you allow him. Please don’t settle for less.

You deserve to always be at the top and not at the bottom. To always make things happen and not watch things happen. To always impact people around you positively and not negatively. I advise you to choose a life of greatness, a life of abundance and happiness.

I will meet you at the Top!