Mar 26


Poverty is a disease more deadly than HIV virus and is killing more people everyday than Aids.

If you have experienced it before, then you have your own story to tell.

One day I decided to take a tour to see where poor people live in my country, though I ‘m not that rich as I type this, but when I saw the wretched condition of the environment where these people live… I thank God for my life and wonder

how human beings survive in such a place like that. I swore that day that ‘’I‘ll never be poor all my life and I also saw the need of fast tracking my money making process to help this kind of people from around the world.

I now understand the reason why Warren Buffet woke up one day and sign off half of his wealth to charity.

’if you want to be rich serve more people, if you want to be poor… do nothing’’- JOHN GREATMAN

Look around you, around your community and around your country, you‘d see these poor people. If you‘re rich and you‘re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS… but how many people have you helped out of poverty? You may have given out some bucks here and there but how many people have you really helped out of poverty so that they can stand on their own and help others?

They need your help through advice, giving them opportunity to prove themselves, developing their talents and so much more…

If you are poor, tell me, what are you doing about it? Do you enjoy been poor? GOD FORBIDS! You deserve a better and productive life.

It is high time you save yourself and family from poverty. Don’t blame others because you think they are the cause of your poverty or they don’t want to help you. You are responsible for whatsoever happens to you whether good or bad. When you do what you supposed to do, God will do what you could not do.

Please don’t be like me. When I was still in secondary school, I blamed my late father for not been alive to train me and this continued till my second year in the university when I decided to pursue my destiny with God helping me. In fact that’s a story for another day…. Check out ‘’


Instead of blaming others, use that precious time to think of how to become a billionaire so that you can be of help to millions of people wallowing in poverty around the world. These statistics will help you think out of the box….

  • More than 200, 000 people around the world die annually because they did not have money to access good medical care.
  •  830 million people around the world are hungry.
  •  In my country Nigeria, 60% of our total population live below $1 per day
  •  Only 15% of the world population are billionaires…. While the poor and middle class are over 85%.
  • Ø In my country, more than 40 million people are unemployed and many more graduates annually to join this army of unemployed people

Have you seen the reason why you should brace up and work out your own destiny and make this world a better place? Poverty is a curse. You need to run out of it and help others too.

Are you wondering HOW you can save yourself from poverty?

Don’t worry… just stick around and read the part 2 of this article ‘’how to save yourself from poverty’’

It is your turn to comment on how we can achieve a hunger free world and uproot poverty out of our society…..


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To your success and better life.


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