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Handsome guyJOHN GREATMAN OYEDU is Africa’s best website developer, social media expert, internet marketing consultant and online branding specialist. He is the CEO of 7figure Marketing Systems and Vice-Chancellor at 7figure Internet Business School.

As an entrepreneur who has helped many small businesses and big companies increase their sales online, he believes that no matter your size of business, if you don’t have an online presence, your business is supposed to be pitied because it will die out of the market place soonest.

He is a Geologist turned “Web Consultant”, and he says he has no regrets at all about the turn of a career in his life, according to him, “he is a passionate ICT expert that loves how the internet works” and for over 7 years, he has helped many small and mid- sized companies grow their brand and increase sales online. As a corporate ICT trainer, He has trained many companies on how to use the power of the internet to grow their brand and increase sales online.

He always speaks and consults on internet marketing, online branding, get online or die in the market place, social media management, search engine optimization and website monetization.

As a freelance writer too, he has foundered many online news and magazine sites, among them are http://dailynewsnigeria.com and http://healthylivingnigeria.com and  Also www.oyedu.com.ng Nigeria’s Largest Shoe Site

Do you really want to grow your business? Let John Greatman Oyedu and 7figure Marketing  team help you …..

Design a befitting website for your business
Help you grow your brand online
Increase your social media visibility
Increase your sales through online marketing
Grow your customers/clients base and make more money in your business
Train your staff on how to use the internet to increase sales.

To hire them right away… quickly call 08060531745 now! They are waiting to render great services to you and your company now!

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