5 Most Important Pieces Of Advice I Received From My Mentors (Part 2)

In the previous article, I defined who a mentor is and why we really need
a mentor and I gave just one of the tips I received from my mentors.

Today I want us to explore the other four and I want you that is reading this piece
now to please work with these pieces of advice. The joy of writing is
to see many people put it in practice, and I bet you, you will never regret it because
it is the advice of all ages that work. If it worked for my mentors and
me, it will also work for you.

2. Develop yourself: yes, knowing what you want is the first thing. If you
don’t know what you want, people will tell you what to do…when I finished my
service, everybody around, wanted me to get a job, because I knew what I
wanted, people couldn’t  push me around. Getting a job is the worse thing that
can happen to me, you asked me why? That is the topic for another day or
you can read up my article on ‘’7 reasons why I decided to start my own

The next thing is to start developing yourself in the area of your defined
desire. If one wants to become a footballer and you always  find him
practicing volley ball then the person isn’t serious or have
you seen a person that want to read law reading biochemistry books? No

With the advent of internet, you can be anything you want to be,
especially with all this information flying everywhere online. For
example, if you want to become a medical doctor, what do you do? Watch
television all day? Then you cannot even become a witch doctor. One of my
mentors will always say this…FIND YOUR AREA…KNOW YOUR AREA AND MASTER

Finding your area is what I mean by defining what you want, then knowing
and mastering your area is developing yourself in that area of
specialization that you now become an expert in it. You become a solution
to any problem in that area. You may now ask, how do someone develop
him/herself? You can develop yourself through reading books, attending
seminars, and so many other ways. 

My friend will always say that ‘’the best university in the world is the university of books’’ you can never
see a man of books being confused or frustrated in life. It is just that
many of us are very lazy to read.

A lazy brain leads to a lazy mentality, a lazy mentality leads to a lazy intellect and a lazy intellect leads to a frustrated future—John Greatman.

When you know who you want to become, you cannot just read any book or
attend any seminar. I think i have explored this enough…follow me to the
next point as you…..

3. Find a mentor: Any pathway you want to follow to succeed in life,
somebody has passed through that pathway. You are to find the person and
have him become your mentor. Finding a mentor is in two stages, firstly, you

find the person (your mentor), study everything about him, his
biography, his books (if any), and his way of life, attend his seminars
and so on. Secondly, you go and meet him one on one and ask him
to become your mentor. 

Like I said in my previous article, with a great mentor, what will take you 20years to achieve, will just take you
5years because he is there to guide you so that you would not repeat the
same mistake he made during his own time. 

When I read a book titled ‘’the instant millionaire’’ I found out how important a mentor is, to my success
in life, that is why I have many of them now in different areas of business
interest. You should have yours too. They will save you time and money and
above all, guide you to success you desire.

4. Package yourself: With packaging you can sell even the worse product in
the market place. The difference between pure water and bottled water is
their packaging. 

The way you package yourself in the market place
determines your worth. You are addressed by the way you dress. You are a
professional in that field and you should dress as a professional indeed.
Have you seen a barrister dress like a mechanic? Or have you seen a
medical doctor dress like a native doctor? 
When I learnt about this magic of packaging in one of my meetings with my mentor, I don’t joke with it

5.  Take Action:  My mentor will always say to me …go and impact your
world, don’t let what God deposited in you to die with you. Invariably, he
is asking me to take action; To do what I know best (public speaking), and
I have been doing it since my school days.

 We are even planning to host bigger events and seminars before the end of the year. Even if you are a
professor in your field and nobody knows about you, you will die of
poverty. Do you know that many people know what to do to become successful
but they refuse to act on it, giving foolish excuses, I pity such people
and I beg you not to be among such people. 

It is like a man that knows how to cure HIV/AIDS but he is dying of poverty, imagine that!
         With this 5 most important pieces of advice I received from
my mentors, you can
develop any skill you want, you can be anything you want to be coupled
with your determination.
I will meet you at the top.

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