5 Most Important Pieces Of Advice I Received From My Mentors (Part 1).

To succeed in any area of your life especially in business, you need a mentor. Mentors are people that have achieved the level of success you want to attain. They are supposed to guide you through  the radar of great success you desire.

With a mentor, what will take you like 20years to achieve, may just take you 5years because he is there to help you with his experience, all the mistakes he made during his own time would be averted for you and you will achieve success faster.

For me, I have mentors in different areas of my life…For example, in my spiritual life, JESUS CHRIST is my mentor and I thank God that he is guiding me through his words.

I also have mentors in businesses I want to set up. People that have achieved success in the kind of business I have a passion to set up in this world.

Having a mentor is one of the best decisions you can make in business and life. In June 2002…i found a need to make heaven after my life here on earth, I decided to give my life to Christ to be my personal Lord and Saviour.

He (JESUS CHRIST) became my mentor since then   ”LOOKING UNTO JESUS THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH” I have also found for myself mentors in different businesses I want to set up especially my core destiny which is public speaking and my hubby which is website designing and internet marketing.

Many of them don’t know that they were my mentors because I have not even contacted them personally (though I will do that soon) but I am addicted to their books, if they float a seminar you will see me there. I have read their biographies and almost all their books. In all my research about them, I found five different advices they want any person that aspire to be like them to run with and I must tell you…I am applying some of them already. Let’s roll…..


  1. Define what you want out of life: one of my mentors will always say that ‘’LIFE IS AN OPEN CHEQUE GIVEN TO MAN BY GOD…WE ARE THE ONE THAT WILL PUT ANY AMOUNT OF WHATEVER WE WANT OUT OF LIFE AND WE WOULD HAVE THEM’’ I agree with him totally. You need to define exactly what you want in life   Who are you and what do you really want to be. It is your role to find out what your core destiny really is and pursue it till you fulfill it. Remember you are not here on earth just for nothing. YOU ARE CREATED FOR SOMETHING!! And it is left for you to find it out.



For me, I found out mine when I entered university. In my year two in school, when we gather for lecture, I will come out in front of the class and start motivating them to greatness, telling them the need to really develop themselves and not these theories they are teaching us here.

Even where I live then, I will gather some students together in the evening and be teaching them about life and the need to find out what God created one here on earth for. Some of them will grab it and some will be making jest of me.

When the passion became too much for me, I started doing seminars every semester. To the extent that I will leave lecture just to go and talk to my seminar attendees.

I floated a club then called ‘’CREATIVE MINDS INVESTMENT CLUB’’ and we have student’s chapter and lecturers chapter in same club. When I convey a meeting for the lecturer’s chapter, I will not be afraid to talk in front of all the professors and lecturers then. I  became friends with them and my fame grew.


I knew certainly that I will pursue a career in public speaking in life…..that is my destiny, any other endeavor you may find me doing is either my hubby or just to generate cash flow. If you did not know what you want in life, any road is your road…you should have a definite desire and stick to it. You are supposed to be a solution to a particular problem.

When they mention your name, people would readily know what you do. If I mention somebody like Bill gate now, you will even say Microsoft owner before I even finish mentioning his name. In order words, his name carries a solution to a particular problem. What is your name know for? You are the one to answer that.

To round up this part, I must say that anybody can achieve any level of success in life if he has a definite desire and goal.

I just gave you one advice I received from my admired mentors. Join me again here soon to explore the other four. Go and define what you want in life and pursue it…the choice is yours and I will meet YOU at the top.



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