Dec 06

Forget Job Vacancy…. Start Your Own Business Now!

Ah John what are you saying? I just finished my service (NYSC) and I am really flat broke and you are telling me to forget about looking for a job? That’s the lamentation of one of my friends last February after he passed out.


Yes I have to start on that note to help you understand this piece very well. I always advice anybody that cares to listen that it is better to suffer building your own business than working in an organization that pays you very well. It always pays at last.


Though you are paid heavily in your place of work but how long will you be helping another person build his business? And at the end of the day, you are sacked or retired with peanuts while the owner of the company enjoys with his family what you labored for.


Immediately after my Nysc, I hurriedly went to see my good friend that is in a good position in a bank, to ask him to help me get a job. He did not allow me to finish what I am saying before he opened up to me…. “I HATE THIS JOB JOHN; I have been in this banking job for 19 good years with nothing to show for it.


All my school mates that embraced entrepreneurship when we graduated from university are billionaires now why? Because they have succeeded in building their own businesses while I am here wasting my time’’


That’s the confession of my good friend in the banking industry in Nigeria where many young graduates dream of getting job someday. I admire that job before I met this good friend for advice and getting a job for me. Am I still looking for job now?


Not at all…. What I am looking for now is bigger contracts and speaking engagements to grow my businesses. My friend said he will be setting up his company this year, according to him, it is better to start late than never. Please I am not saying that getting a job is bad… NO! But starting your own business as soon as possible is much better.


After that advice from my banker friend, I went back to my ‘’future drawing board’’ to draw how I want my future to look like… do you want to see some of the things I have drawn about my future? Read some of them

“John Greatman Oyedu HAVE….


Ah John, are you sure you will achieve all these in your lifetime? Oh yes, I will, even much more because God is with me all the way. If Jesus Christ tarries, I will achieve these in less than 25years from now.


You see, I have a tall dream that’s why I am unemployable. If I work in a company, will I be able to achieve all these I listed?


No way, what I will receive after serving 30years in a company is a peanut or disgusting gratuity and I will be receiving a peanut pension till I die in poverty.


That is not what I want in life… I want to be the head (the Chairman) and not the tale.

I have been asked by many people that since they did not have capital, how they would start their own businesses.


My answer is that you should start with what you have and one of the things you have is your brain…. THINK!

See how I started. In my 300 level in the university, I found out that there are no jobs in Nigeria and i started by learning a skill.


I looked around and found out that every business in this world needs a website and I quickly went for website designing training.


Since I graduated… I have been designing websites for companies and businesses for fat pay and today… here are my skills

  1. A website designer and developer
  2.  A freelance writer online and offline
  3. A public speaker
  4. Internet marketing consultant and social media manager

I also import goods from china, usa and uk from my bedroom in Lagos without going to these countries.

All these four businesses are skill related. Since I don’t have capital, I need to raise huge capital from those four services I render.

The mini importation capital was raised through my services and my company SUCCESSJET RESOURCES GROUP is growing and very soon, we will start investing in huge projects like setting up radio stations and building our first secondary school.


If you can read in between the lines, you will find out that I have given you the master key of starting your own business successfully. That is how all the big names you hear about in Nigeria started.


When you know what you want out of life, tell God about your plans and beg HIM to approve it… then nobody or witches in your village can stop you because God is involved(the the greatest power in heaven and on earth). You will excel above your equals. Before I end this piece, here are the steps in short format…

  1. Decide to start your own business
  2. Draw your future plan…what you want out of life


  1. Tell God about it and beg HIM to approve it
  2. If you don’t have capital, start with skill related businesses or services
  3. When you raise money. Invest in other bigger projects
  4. As your business is growing, remember to give God his percentage and the society that gave you first.



To your success


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Dec 06

7 Top Work From Home Business Ideas That Can Make Money For You Fast.

Working from home BUSINESSES is now an alternative route to nine to five job. If you ‘re tired of working for somebody and getting pea-nuts for it, then working from home business ideas I want to share here is for you.


With the birth of personal computer and internet connection you can really work from the toilet of your home and still compete with the big companies that have large physical office.


All you‘ve to do is to find the work from home business ideas that works for you and stick to them. Since the advent of internet, work from home business opportunities has increased greatly because hiring people online has become an alternative for most companies than employing people so as to save overhead expenses of the company overall budget.


If you‘re looking for work from home businesses that can make money for you fast, here are the 7 top work from home businesses you can start even now.


1.  Information marketing/ Product Creation


If you can identify people’s problems or needs, you can make any amount of money you need in this industry fast. People are ready to pay you for solving their problem through your packaged information.


All you need to do is to identify the problem or need, search for the solutions, package it in a nice format (in PDF, podcast, videos, etc) that will appeal to them, write an attention grabbing sales letter, put up a mini-site for the product, drive traffic to the site and relax in your home and see your bank account flood with loads of money.


2.  Affiliate marketing:


If you think that creating your own product is a tedious thing for you. You can consider going the affiliate marketing way. Just discover a paying niche (a desperate need), identify a product that provides a solution to the need and promote it. You‘ll earn commission for each product you sale. Just rush to You can get more affiliate website by typing relevant keywords on google and other search engines. The sweetest part of this work from business model is that you can wake up this morning and set up your affiliate marketing business before evening fall.


3. Website flipping


Website flipping has become a great money maker these days. You can set up a website or blog, write at least 5 or 10 articles on it, drive some traffic to it and sell it. You can decide manage the blog for an upward of six months or more, make some money from it and flip it for bigger profit.





4. Freelance writing


As the saying goes ‘’content is king’’ on the internet. This facebook you‘re reading is surviving because of the articles people are posting on it. Without content, internet marketing will cease to exist and that’s why freelance writers will continue to make money forever.


If you’re good writer or you desire to be a writer, you can make much money working from your home. I decided to start writing for blog owners and businesses years ago and I have no regret being a freelance writer. All it requires is just to research with the right keywords and write a great seo rich article for your prospective client and collect your money.


5.  Virtual assistant:



Companies these days always sack its employees because they cannot meet up with their fat wages. It‘s better for them to hire virtual assistants to help them do some work for a fee. You can package yourself as a virtual assistant on an area you are expert at. One of my friends packaged himself as a social media manager and companies are hiring him to manage their social media networks like facebook fan page, twitter, linkedin and many others. You too can do this business and smile to the bank monthly.






6.  Blogging plus adsense



If you can keep a diary, you can also do it for money through blogging. It is just for you to pick a niche market you can come up with articles on or hire freelance writers to write keyword rich articles for you.


Use wordpress to set up a blog in ten minutes, put the articles on it and drive traffic to it. With your google adsense advert appearing at strategic places on your blog, you can make thousands of dollars blogging from home if you direct enough traffic to the blog daily.


7. Specialized Coaching/ Consulting Business:


The coaching market has boomed greatly in the recent years including specialized areas such as corporate, relationship, and business coaching. The industry is experiencing fast growth and supreme recognition continually, new markets open up providing opportunities to those aware of the changing conditions of business environment.


Coaching is the hottest work from home business opportunity now because business owners see it not as a luxury but a necessity, to increase their employee’s performance and drive. If you are a prolific speaker or trainer, you can consider entering this industry and take your share of the multibillion dollar industry.


I believe that any of this work from home business ideas can make money for you fast if you‘ll just pick one or two and master them. You can actually become your own boss doing this work from home businesses.


Why not forget looking for job or working for somebody else and do your own business….




If you really want to be trained in any of these businesses…. Rush for details….


To your success


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Mar 26


Poverty is a disease more deadly than HIV virus and is killing more people everyday than Aids.

If you have experienced it before, then you have your own story to tell.

One day I decided to take a tour to see where poor people live in my country, though I ‘m not that rich as I type this, but when I saw the wretched condition of the environment where these people live… I thank God for my life and wonder

how human beings survive in such a place like that. I swore that day that ‘’I‘ll never be poor all my life and I also saw the need of fast tracking my money making process to help this kind of people from around the world.

I now understand the reason why Warren Buffet woke up one day and sign off half of his wealth to charity.

’if you want to be rich serve more people, if you want to be poor… do nothing’’- JOHN GREATMAN

Look around you, around your community and around your country, you‘d see these poor people. If you‘re rich and you‘re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS… but how many people have you helped out of poverty? You may have given out some bucks here and there but how many people have you really helped out of poverty so that they can stand on their own and help others?

They need your help through advice, giving them opportunity to prove themselves, developing their talents and so much more…

If you are poor, tell me, what are you doing about it? Do you enjoy been poor? GOD FORBIDS! You deserve a better and productive life.

It is high time you save yourself and family from poverty. Don’t blame others because you think they are the cause of your poverty or they don’t want to help you. You are responsible for whatsoever happens to you whether good or bad. When you do what you supposed to do, God will do what you could not do.

Please don’t be like me. When I was still in secondary school, I blamed my late father for not been alive to train me and this continued till my second year in the university when I decided to pursue my destiny with God helping me. In fact that’s a story for another day…. Check out ‘’


Instead of blaming others, use that precious time to think of how to become a billionaire so that you can be of help to millions of people wallowing in poverty around the world. These statistics will help you think out of the box….

  • More than 200, 000 people around the world die annually because they did not have money to access good medical care.
  •  830 million people around the world are hungry.
  •  In my country Nigeria, 60% of our total population live below $1 per day
  •  Only 15% of the world population are billionaires…. While the poor and middle class are over 85%.
  • Ø In my country, more than 40 million people are unemployed and many more graduates annually to join this army of unemployed people

Have you seen the reason why you should brace up and work out your own destiny and make this world a better place? Poverty is a curse. You need to run out of it and help others too.

Are you wondering HOW you can save yourself from poverty?

Don’t worry… just stick around and read the part 2 of this article ‘’how to save yourself from poverty’’

It is your turn to comment on how we can achieve a hunger free world and uproot poverty out of our society…..


Comment below…

To your success and better life.


Oct 03


Yes…every thing you see around you started with a dream in somebody’s HEART.

Dreams are meant to be transmitted to reality so that human beings will start to enjoy the benefits.

I regret to let you know that 80% of people’s dreams were not brought to reality. They usually take it with them down to the grave.

You see, I have since discovered that one of the biggest reasons why most people do not achieve the success they desire in life is that they would not ‘’get up’’ to plan how to achieve their dreams and take action towards achieving those dreams.

Until you move nothing moves. Your dream will always be like a mirage all the days of your life if you don’t move to achieving them.

Have you noticed that a lot of successful people out there in different spheres of life are not better than the poor talented people around them?

The difference is that ‘’successful people’’ laid out a plan and took action on those dreams while others are waiting for the ‘’right’’ time.

Do you know that there‘re lots of people that can sing better than Tuface Idibia , Rick Ross, Psquare and 9ice put together?

Do you know that there are lots of people that can do better than Bill Gate of Microsoft if only they act on their dreams?

Do you know there are a lot of people that can do better than Mark Zurkerberg of and the duo of put together? has grossed over 10 billion dollars revenue this year alone. The trouble is that most people will not get up to achieve their dreams in life.

If your dream is to become a multibillionaire, then you must do what other successful billionaires did!

You must have a dream like them, plan on how to achieve it, take action and then join them at the top.

As for me, I have many dreams to achieve in this life and I thank God for wiring inside me all the resources I need to bring those dreams to reality. All I need is to draw out a master plan and take action.

One of my dreams is to take this blog to the next level in a few months. I want to make this website number one place for anybody that wants personal development. Follow me on this site and you‘ll see it happen in no distant time.

                         If you can dream it… you can achieve it

What are you waiting for, to bring that your dream to reality? The world is waiting for you to bring that dream to reality, please don’t disappoint her. Don’t take it with you to the grave when you die.

Have you ever imagined if THOMAS EDISON did not brought his dream to reality by inventing light bulb to the world, we would have still been living in darkness by now. The history has it that he tried 9999 times and failed.

The question is how many times have you tried and failed. Possibility is there, that you have not even tried at all.

Dear reader, if I begin to mention strong men and women of old and of present, that not only dream big dreams but brought it to reality, we would read till God comes. This piece is not about them because what they achieved is there for everybody to see. It is all about you.  Make our world a better place by transforming your dreams to reality so that the generations unborn would always thank God for making somebody like you to exist in this world.

As you step out to act on your DREAMS, ensure your DREAMS are:

1. D= Desperate

2. R= Realizable

3. E= Energetic

4. A= Achievable

5. M= Measurable

And I will meet you at the top!



Sep 24


Indeed God is so good. You ask me why? He gives everybody on this planet earth the power to choose. He gave everybody equal right and same life. The power of choice is in real play on the lives of individuals present in this world.

Some chose to be poor, some chose to be wealthy, some chose to serve God, some chose to serve the devil (even though God created them), some chose to go to hell, some chose to make heaven (heaven is real), some chose to become a liability to the people and society, and some chose to be an asset (people that make things happen in this world).

Whatever you chose to be, you become—JOHN GREATMAN

In life, everybody have same right and equal privilege and God who can never make a mistake gives everybody the choice of the kind of life he/she want to live.

I know that my life is dependent on two beings, GOD ALMIGHTY and ME. Since God has given us the power to choose, I have chosen to be great in life and impact the society and all the people around the world.

Life is an open cheque given to man by God; you are the one to put any amount you want to take out of life!

I have many friends that allowed their parents to influence everything about them, from the choice of what to study in school, where to work, who to marry, where to live, everything! I begin to wonder, if God who created us gave us the power to chose, why would a human being determine what I will become?

Years ago, I visited my brother in Lagos Nigeria, when I knocked at the gate; an old man came out and opened the gate for me. I wonder why this old man ended up as a gateman. I said, maybe his parents were poor, I thought in my mind but I have seen people that started from nothing and made it to the billionaire status.

I said again, maybe he did not went to school, but I have seen people that had not even gone to school becoming billionaires. At least I know that 70% of the multimillion dollar companies around the world were set up by illiterates and dropouts.

I said again, maybe he is cursed by witches from his village and evil people around him, but I have seen cursed people been freed by the power in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

As I asked myself these questions, my brother noticed it and asked me….little boy (he is my elder brother), what is it? When I told him, we began to do one of the best lessons I have ever done in my entire life.

He said boy…..Don’t end up as my gateman….find out who God really want you to be, your destiny don’t depend on me or anybody else…your destiny largely depends on you…ALMIGHTY GOD would only be there with you when you need help.

He told me that I should try not to spend the approved 70years God has given to everybody in vain. He told me that he cannot help me, his words……”I cannot help you or do you want me to take the place of God in your life?’’….go and help yourself, where you cannot measure up, ask your father in heaven to help you not me!

I thank God that since then till now, I have not asked my brother for any help whatsoever. 90% of what I spent in my school days was raised by God and me, and I don’t intend to ask for help from any human being all my life.

Dear reader, your life’s success is dependent on God and you, and God cannot leave you alone on the road of success. He will guide you through it if you allow him. Please don’t settle for less.

You deserve to always be at the top and not at the bottom. To always make things happen and not watch things happen. To always impact people around you positively and not negatively. I advise you to choose a life of greatness, a life of abundance and happiness.

I will meet you at the Top!



Sep 11

5 Most Important Pieces Of Advice I Received From My Mentors (Part 2)

In the previous article, I defined who a mentor is and why we really need
a mentor and I gave just one of the tips I received from my mentors.

Today I want us to explore the other four and I want you that is reading this piece
now to please work with these pieces of advice. The joy of writing is
to see many people put it in practice, and I bet you, you will never regret it because
it is the advice of all ages that work. If it worked for my mentors and
me, it will also work for you.

2. Develop yourself: yes, knowing what you want is the first thing. If you
don’t know what you want, people will tell you what to do…when I finished my
service, everybody around, wanted me to get a job, because I knew what I
wanted, people couldn’t  push me around. Getting a job is the worse thing that
can happen to me, you asked me why? That is the topic for another day or
you can read up my article on ‘’7 reasons why I decided to start my own

The next thing is to start developing yourself in the area of your defined
desire. If one wants to become a footballer and you always  find him
practicing volley ball then the person isn’t serious or have
you seen a person that want to read law reading biochemistry books? No

With the advent of internet, you can be anything you want to be,
especially with all this information flying everywhere online. For
example, if you want to become a medical doctor, what do you do? Watch
television all day? Then you cannot even become a witch doctor. One of my
mentors will always say this…FIND YOUR AREA…KNOW YOUR AREA AND MASTER

Finding your area is what I mean by defining what you want, then knowing
and mastering your area is developing yourself in that area of
specialization that you now become an expert in it. You become a solution
to any problem in that area. You may now ask, how do someone develop
him/herself? You can develop yourself through reading books, attending
seminars, and so many other ways. 

My friend will always say that ‘’the best university in the world is the university of books’’ you can never
see a man of books being confused or frustrated in life. It is just that
many of us are very lazy to read.

A lazy brain leads to a lazy mentality, a lazy mentality leads to a lazy intellect and a lazy intellect leads to a frustrated future—John Greatman.

When you know who you want to become, you cannot just read any book or
attend any seminar. I think i have explored this enough…follow me to the
next point as you…..

3. Find a mentor: Any pathway you want to follow to succeed in life,
somebody has passed through that pathway. You are to find the person and
have him become your mentor. Finding a mentor is in two stages, firstly, you

find the person (your mentor), study everything about him, his
biography, his books (if any), and his way of life, attend his seminars
and so on. Secondly, you go and meet him one on one and ask him
to become your mentor. 

Like I said in my previous article, with a great mentor, what will take you 20years to achieve, will just take you
5years because he is there to guide you so that you would not repeat the
same mistake he made during his own time. 

When I read a book titled ‘’the instant millionaire’’ I found out how important a mentor is, to my success
in life, that is why I have many of them now in different areas of business
interest. You should have yours too. They will save you time and money and
above all, guide you to success you desire.

4. Package yourself: With packaging you can sell even the worse product in
the market place. The difference between pure water and bottled water is
their packaging. 

The way you package yourself in the market place
determines your worth. You are addressed by the way you dress. You are a
professional in that field and you should dress as a professional indeed.
Have you seen a barrister dress like a mechanic? Or have you seen a
medical doctor dress like a native doctor? 
When I learnt about this magic of packaging in one of my meetings with my mentor, I don’t joke with it

5.  Take Action:  My mentor will always say to me …go and impact your
world, don’t let what God deposited in you to die with you. Invariably, he
is asking me to take action; To do what I know best (public speaking), and
I have been doing it since my school days.

 We are even planning to host bigger events and seminars before the end of the year. Even if you are a
professor in your field and nobody knows about you, you will die of
poverty. Do you know that many people know what to do to become successful
but they refuse to act on it, giving foolish excuses, I pity such people
and I beg you not to be among such people. 

It is like a man that knows how to cure HIV/AIDS but he is dying of poverty, imagine that!
         With this 5 most important pieces of advice I received from
my mentors, you can
develop any skill you want, you can be anything you want to be coupled
with your determination.
I will meet you at the top.
Aug 23

5 Most Important Pieces Of Advice I Received From My Mentors (Part 1).

To succeed in any area of your life especially in business, you need a mentor. Mentors are people that have achieved the level of success you want to attain. They are supposed to guide you through  the radar of great success you desire.

With a mentor, what will take you like 20years to achieve, may just take you 5years because he is there to help you with his experience, all the mistakes he made during his own time would be averted for you and you will achieve success faster.

For me, I have mentors in different areas of my life…For example, in my spiritual life, JESUS CHRIST is my mentor and I thank God that he is guiding me through his words.

I also have mentors in businesses I want to set up. People that have achieved success in the kind of business I have a passion to set up in this world.

Having a mentor is one of the best decisions you can make in business and life. In June 2002…i found a need to make heaven after my life here on earth, I decided to give my life to Christ to be my personal Lord and Saviour.

He (JESUS CHRIST) became my mentor since then   ”LOOKING UNTO JESUS THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH” I have also found for myself mentors in different businesses I want to set up especially my core destiny which is public speaking and my hubby which is website designing and internet marketing.

Many of them don’t know that they were my mentors because I have not even contacted them personally (though I will do that soon) but I am addicted to their books, if they float a seminar you will see me there. I have read their biographies and almost all their books. In all my research about them, I found five different advices they want any person that aspire to be like them to run with and I must tell you…I am applying some of them already. Let’s roll…..


  1. Define what you want out of life: one of my mentors will always say that ‘’LIFE IS AN OPEN CHEQUE GIVEN TO MAN BY GOD…WE ARE THE ONE THAT WILL PUT ANY AMOUNT OF WHATEVER WE WANT OUT OF LIFE AND WE WOULD HAVE THEM’’ I agree with him totally. You need to define exactly what you want in life   Who are you and what do you really want to be. It is your role to find out what your core destiny really is and pursue it till you fulfill it. Remember you are not here on earth just for nothing. YOU ARE CREATED FOR SOMETHING!! And it is left for you to find it out.



For me, I found out mine when I entered university. In my year two in school, when we gather for lecture, I will come out in front of the class and start motivating them to greatness, telling them the need to really develop themselves and not these theories they are teaching us here.

Even where I live then, I will gather some students together in the evening and be teaching them about life and the need to find out what God created one here on earth for. Some of them will grab it and some will be making jest of me.

When the passion became too much for me, I started doing seminars every semester. To the extent that I will leave lecture just to go and talk to my seminar attendees.

I floated a club then called ‘’CREATIVE MINDS INVESTMENT CLUB’’ and we have student’s chapter and lecturers chapter in same club. When I convey a meeting for the lecturer’s chapter, I will not be afraid to talk in front of all the professors and lecturers then. I  became friends with them and my fame grew.


I knew certainly that I will pursue a career in public speaking in life…..that is my destiny, any other endeavor you may find me doing is either my hubby or just to generate cash flow. If you did not know what you want in life, any road is your road…you should have a definite desire and stick to it. You are supposed to be a solution to a particular problem.

When they mention your name, people would readily know what you do. If I mention somebody like Bill gate now, you will even say Microsoft owner before I even finish mentioning his name. In order words, his name carries a solution to a particular problem. What is your name know for? You are the one to answer that.

To round up this part, I must say that anybody can achieve any level of success in life if he has a definite desire and goal.

I just gave you one advice I received from my admired mentors. Join me again here soon to explore the other four. Go and define what you want in life and pursue it…the choice is yours and I will meet YOU at the top.



Aug 14


The question above is what every reasonable human being should be asking his/her self day in day out. I am sure that after reading this piece you will agree with me that it is better to be an asset. Before I go on, let me define as asset and a liability in my own.

They said that an asset is a thing that brings in money while a liability is a thing takes away money. In other words an asset is something that appreciates while a liability is something that depreciates. To define it my own way, an asset is a person that adds value to the people’s life or society, a person that is a solution to a problem.

A liability is a person that depends on others and society, a person that is a problem to the country. In comparing the two characters, I will now say that an asset is a problem solver while a liability is a person that brings problem, an asset is a person that adds value while a liability is person that adds no value at all. An asset is a person that makes things happen while a liability watch things happens, assets are the players in the field while liabilities are the spectators.


If you a student of Bible (which you supposed to be, if you want to make heaven) you will agree with me that David became an asset to his family and country (Israel) when he confronted a giant that is a problem to his country and defeated him. Assets are people like that. They are pillars of their country and great people that contribute to the growth of their country.


I am really worried about the percentage of people that are liabilities(Lazy people) in this country. We even have literate liabilities. People that went to school, obtained certificates in different disciplines in the universities, passed out from service (NYSC), stay in their houses with an excuse of looking for job for 4-5years.

These people are literate liabilities. For God’s sake what will a graduate be doing at home for four good years after graduation all in the name of NO JOB?  While there are millions of problems waiting to be solved and when it is solved, it brings loads of cash to the solver.

Mark zukerberg(owner of solved a problem of social network (interaction) and became the youngest billionaire in the world. It did not even occur to these people (liabilities) that the beds they are lying on were somebody like them that invented it, the TV they are watching were a person like them that invented it. Everything in that house, they are living in, were people that thought it out and invented it and everybody is enjoying it. I am using Microsoft word writing this article and without somebody like Bill gate, it may not be possible. All the world billionaires are problem solvers (assets). And that’s what made them what they are.

Everyday, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.


I believe that each person is a solution to a particular problem and anybody that can pay the price of greatness can achieve it. I always ask God and myself, the purpose of my existence. I am not an accident, if you are a student of Bible, you will know that God don’t joke with his time and to everything he created, there must be a purpose for it. I believe that God took his precious time and created me for a purpose. My job is to find out that purpose (destiny) and fulfill it.

Dear reader, have you asked yourself this question….are you an asset or liability? you are the one that will answer yourself not me. I asked myself that question long ago, when I am still an undergraduate and that is the reason behind what I do today. If you are already an asset, move forward, solve more problems and our God will help you. If you are still a liability, you have many things to do.

  •  Decide that you are not going to be a liability again.
  •  Involve GOD to help you discover your destiny.
  •  Look for a mentor that will guide you.


And I will see you at the top.


Aug 07

7 Reasons Why I Decided To Start My Own Business

To start your own business in Nigeria as a fresh graduate without any money down is a daunting task. You are to think in and out of the box before you can decide that. For me, it is a well known fact that I am starting my own business immediately after my NYSC.

This does not mean that I have a huge amount of money in my bank account, NO!! It is a dream that I nurtured since when I was a 200level Geology student in Anambra State University Nigeria.

       I studied the labour market then and found out that 20million graduates are loaming the streets of Nigeria unemployed and that about 500 thousand people graduates yearly to join this labour market.


There and then I decided I should start doing something fast to avoid joining this army of unemployed youths when I graduate.

I began to pray to my God to direct me to my own destiny (to find out problems he created me to solve in my generation).I started shifting my mind from looking for job after my graduation to creating jobs in order to help my country Nigeria reduce unemployment rate…..

Skills make you rich, not theories.”

        I also started learning different skills that will help me to solve problems and to affect the lives of people in my generation. To God be the glory, I am a certified website designer/developer, internet marketing consultant and a public speaker.


During my research, I found out at least 7 different reasons why I should not even write my CV or attend a job interview: here are the reasons

 1.    Create jobs: Unemployment is now a disease disturbing our country today and I am really concerned.

I have nothing against education. But at times, education gives people false      confidence. It makes people relax, trusting in the power of their certificates rather than in working hard.” – Rasaq Okoya


       I want to really help my country to reduce it by setting up many companies in order to employ a large number of these armies of unemployed youths in Nigeria.


I also found out 80% of industries and multimillion dollar companies were set up by school drop outs and illiterates and I want to be one of the few graduates in Nigeria that will toll that line.

     2. I want to affect lives in my lifetime and beyond-to make my mark: yes you read it right. I want to affect lives in my time here on earth….working for somebody else will not allow me time to really develop myself daily in order to make a mark and affect lives by employing many people, helping others people set up their own businesses, telling as many as I can meet  in my lifetime that Jesus is our Lord and master, helping businesses to grow and remain stable.


Getting a job will never allow me to achieve all these and fulfill my destiny and mandate from GOD.


    3. I want to build systems that will outlast me: Many companies you see today started more than 100 years ago and they are still growing, coca-cola company is an example of one of them.

“The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work.” – Rich Dad

       People that started those companies died long time ago but the companies they built were still helping more people, employing more people and meeting the needs of millions of people.  


The systems I want to build by the grace of God will last from generation to generation till Christ come….even when I am long gone, my businesses will continue to solve problems, employing  more people and creating wealth for my generations unborn and my JOHN GREATMAN FOUNDATION.


    4. I need more than one income source: Getting a job will allow me just to have one income source which is not what I want.

“If you want to be rich, simply serve more people.

      Starting my own business will definitely allow me to have multiple streams of income, pursue more goals and also build businesses that will employ millions of people. To succeed and become financially stable, I need at least 5 sources of income and I hope to go beyond that number in years to come. All the wealthy people of the world I know have different sources of income and also built companies that will outlast them.

   5. I want freedom- A job will make me to be working from 9am – 5pm daily, doing the same thing daily, meeting the same people daily, and adding just one value daily, which is definitely not what I bargained for, in my life.

“Too many people are too lazy to think. Instead of learning something new, they think the same thought day in day out.”


     I really want to set my own hours, learn new things daily, face new challenges daily, meet different people from different walks of life, add different values and also make more money.


As an employee is being promoted from one level to another, his/her freedom will be decreasing because he will be doing more tasks, going to different board meetings, attending conferences which will be taking almost all his freedom.

You hardly see this kind of person spend time with his family or even go on holiday with his family. When he retires, everything retires with him. A business owner is exactly the opposite. As his companies grow he enjoys more freedom because he has employed capable hands to run the companies.

He always goes on holidays with his family because the companies can run without him. When he retires, he will now have more time to distribute his wealth to different charity organizations and also donate to different health causes. This is truly the life I want to live…….join me.

    6. I want to control my own destiny: yes, everybody have a destiny in life but not everybody controls his/her own. Starting my own business is really taking my own destiny in my hands and pursuing it until I fulfil it, not having one boss or the other in the office ordering me around.


He dictates when I will come to the office, dictates when I close; some will even want to know what I do with my wife……that is not a life. My destiny is in my hands and not with anybody’s….with God helping me to achieve it.

 If you are moving, even fire will not hurt you. If you are standing still near the fire, even though you are not in the fire, the heat will eventually get to you.” – Rich Dad

     7. I want to become a billionaire: Becoming a billionaire is my life long desire and working for somebody else will never take me there. I don’t want to be in a rat race all my life.

“Good is not enough; you’ve got to be great.” – Simon Cowell

      The Bill gates, the Warren Buffets, the Mark Zurkerbergs, were people that set up companies and became billionaires in the process and that is exactly what I want to do.


Today you hear about BILL GATE AND MELINDA FOUNDATION and very soon, you will be hearing JOHN GREATMAN FOUNDATION… I will definitely give back to the society when I became a billionaire. God is my helper.


Jul 18


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